Girls Volleyball

Team Roster
1 Claire Bailey Sophomore L, DS
2 Jordyn Pham Freshman DS, RS
6 Allison Schenck Junior DS, RS
7 Karlee Plozay Junior OH, MB
8 Aubrey Bunting Freshman RS, MB
9 Gabi McMahan Junior S, RS
10 Hayden Pennington Freshman MB, RS
11 Karinne Stormer Senior OH, RS
12 Addison Boggs Freshman DS, L
13 Elizabeth Maxwell Senior DS, S
14 Layla Moore Freshman RS, OH
15 Kyra Clawson Freshman S
17 Annabelle Adams Freshman S, RS
22 Daisy Horner Junior MB
29 Muskaan "MK" Sandhu Sophomore RS, MB
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